Our Urgent needs & Contact

Email address: upendodivine@gmail.com

Phone number: +254797962137

Physical address:  P.O.Box 3984- 00100, Nairobi.

Our greatest area of needs:

1. We need pre-school, Primary and Secondary teachers to educate our children using English language.

2.We need Creative Arts experts to train our children how to be creative and be good artists.

3. We need Social workers and entrepreneurs to support the poor single teenage mothers with business and agricultural skills.

4. We need doctors and nurses to attend to the medical needs of our beneficiaries.

5. We need wheel chairs for the physically challenged children to facilitate their movement to school for their studies.

6. We need health care centre to help in medical needs when our beneficiaries gets sick.

7. We need environmental protection experts to train our beneficiaries and the community on the best way to care for the environment.

8. We need donors and sponsors to support our beneficiaries in getting their daily basic needs.

9. We need bicycles for our beneficiaries who travel over 10 kilometres every day to attend to their classes from their various rural homes.

All expertise in different fields are needed too, we will provide accomodation and a subsidized fee and a good environment to learn from one another.

Welcome and feel free to contact us immediately for your booking and enquiry about different fields to volunteer at.

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