About us

Our kids in our pre-school program

DERE has a dream with a vision!!

Our project is a 3 year old Educational & Empowerment Centre, managed in bujora ward and Kisesa ward, MaguDistrict, Mwanza Region-Tanzania. We provide education for the poor children in hardship places and environment. A journey of thousand miles begins with only a single step, we aim at providing education from pre-school to University level. The project have began the first step by providing a pre-school and hosting many children in various levels of education.

Besides education the centre also provides shelter, food, medical,  and clothing to needy children. We also empower poor single mothers through horticultural agriculture. In Tanzania children in Government schools are taught in Kiswahili language from Pre-school to Primary level, English begins in Secondary School,according to research this lowers understanding of children when they reach Secondary level, so the Centre strives to address this issue by providing a quality education conducted in  English to the poor kids who cannot afford to achieve this in private schools which are very expensive here.

We hope if the dream to have a multipurpose education centre is achieved then many children will be able to speak and understand English for their better understanding in higher levels of education.

We believe that where there is a will there is away, so please support us through your financial contribution, prayers and sharing of our dream inscribed in a vision to many others within your reach face to face or through the means of media. Support  us to continue making greater steps for the sustainability of the project in achieving its dreams. Join us in this dream and we shall together arrive at our destination. Be blessed always.